Friday 20 January 2012

Made with love

Every halfterm Ben's class has a different topic, and all of the subjects are then taught around that topic. In the past we've had Superheros and The Night, and this halfterm the topic is one that has really caught the imagination of the parents as well as the children - Old Toys! The children have been comparing new and old toys, what they're made from, how they work etc, and had to interview a grandparent about their childhood toys. That homework came home the weekend of Jamie's birthday, which was perfect timing as Ben had four grandparents to ask!

Mum and Dad had a search through their loft and found some of my old toys for Ben and I to take into school yesterday. My parents moved six times (I think!) in about 9 years due to Dad's job so they've had to have a few clear outs, but they found some things I have very fond memories, including some Sindy clothes that my Mum and my Grandma made for me. Mum made the knitted jumper and skirt below, and Grandma sewed the rest. Grandma served an apprenticeship at a fashion house before the war, and it really shows in all the beautiful details in the clothes. Just look at the shaping on the bodice of the pink dress, and the layers in the skirt!

There are clothes for Sindy to wear during the day, made from material that Grandma saved from a yellow dress Mum wore as a girl and a pair of Grandma's trousers, party dresses made from a nightie and Grandma's and material from the suit she wore to Mum and Dad's wedding 40 years ago. How wonderful is that? And of course, every Sindy has to have a wedding dress, complete with veil! I remember Grandma giving me dolls clothes for several Christmases, and although I do remember loving them and thank her for them it's only now that I really appreciate just how much love and work she and Mum put into making them. I know that I have them to thank for my love of crafts and for teaching me to crochet and knit and sew - even though my sewing skills are very limited!

I don't have daughters to make dolls' clothes for, but I do have a God-daughter, two nieces and friend's young daughters who I consider to be family, so as they grow older (they're mainly preschool age at the moment) I will be adding to their dolls wardrobes. I made a start at Christmas with some knitted clothes for our eldest niece's Baby Annabell, and she loved them! She's already put her requests in for her birthday present!

This is the least blurry picture I managed to take of Katie at Christmas!

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  1. Oh, those are such treasures you've got there Jo! I love the Sindy clothes, that pink dress is amazing - it would look pretty intricate if it were a full size dress, never mind a tiny doll! I used to be allowed to play (carefully...!) with my grandma's china dolls, until one of my cousin's visiting from London smashed one and they were put away. I was gutted! Old toys always seemed to Have so much more magic about them than anything new (or more likely, a hand-me-down from someone, so 5 years old rather than 70!) that I had.


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