Thursday 12 January 2012

A strange kind of day

Well, a strange kind of week really. My mind has been playing the "this time last year" game  - you know the one, your mind keeps thinking back to what you were doing at precisely that time a year ago despite you trying to keep occupied with something else. Last Thursday night and Friday I was holding Jamie and thinking back to how wonderful his birth was. As this week has gone on, however, I've been dwelling on different things - this time last year I still thought I just had bad mouth ulcers, this time last year we were sitting in the waiting room waiting to see the consultant, this time last year I was told I had cancer. I'd been feeling a bit gloomy over the last few days, and to be honest I hadn't been looking forward to today. I know I should have been focusing on the fact that the operation and treatment was successful, that I no longer have cancer, that I am very, very lucky, and I do know how lucky I am.

In the end, though, today has been good as it started with Ben's class assembly. His school is wonderful at celebrating the success and progress of the children, and at involving the parents, and the teachers and children work so hard on the assemblies. Ben gets so excited about taking part, and I always come out of the assemblies smiling - so, the perfect start to today.

My main jobs today have been to complete a gallery order (lots of keum boo) and to make some more designs for my etsy shop. I listed some more poppy designs in the shop at the start of the week - smaller clasps and some sweet baby poppy charms - and today I've been mainly working on daisies and hearts. I'll leave you tonight with a quick look at some of the new designs. They'll be uploaded tomorrow and over the weekend - and there's a new challenge coming tomorrow too!

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  1. I am so relieved for you that you are such good health after the scare you went through a year ago. I can't believe your baby is already ONE. Seems like yesterday when he was born.
    Your new pieces are so pretty. I've always admired your signature daisy design.


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