Thursday 18 October 2012

A new toy!

Ok, so this isn't exactly brand new on the market, but it's new to me! For the last couple of years I've resisted getting a Knew concept saw. After all, the saw frame I had, despite being about as old as I am, had done me very well for the last five years or so, my sheet metal sawing was accurate and efficient. And, as I kept telling my students, it was having good quality saw blades that was far more important than spending money on an expensive saw frame.

And then Cookson Gold had 10% off and free postage at the start of the new term, and I thought why not? I'd had some really good orders since getting back from New Zealand, and to be honest it had been a while since I'd bought a new tools and I was having withdrawal symptoms!

And the verdict? I love it! It hasn't made my sawing any more accurate, as I had that sorted anyway after so many years of practice, but it's certainly lighter, almost effortless to use. I don't know why I waited so long! And if you'd like to see what I've been sawing out with my new toy, head over to the Art Jewelry Elements blog to read my first blog post there as the latest member of the AJE team!


  1. I love my knew concept saw, i bought it at the start of thew year, and don't think i would use any other saw now, i'm now wanting the bigger one.

  2. I'm definitely pleased that I bought the 5" frame Eve - so great to be able to saw further into bigger sheets without having the weight of a traditional 5" saw frame!

  3. I've been resisting, I almost bought one 6 months ago and then managed to persuade myself that I did not actually need it! But yesterday I couldn't find my saw so I was thinking that if I had two, one would always be were it was suppose to be.... Maybe my husband would like to buy me one for Christmas...

    How deep was your old frame?


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