Friday 5 October 2012

A perfect way to start the day....

It all started 50 years ago today.....

Who else grew up listening to the Beatles? Or probably a better question to aks is, who didn't grow up listening to the Beatles? I think I must have started learning the lyrics to many of their hits before I was born, and I know I played their albums full volume in the car while I was pregnant with my boys to get them started on the right track!* Yet they had their first hit 10 years before I was born, while my parents were still at school. Happy 50th Anniversary to the greatest band in the world!

*pun intended!


  1. *TeeHee* I was only 15 months old but I remember it well!

  2. Didn't we all grow up on the Beatles no matter what our age? This will definitely reveal my age ;-) but... I am old enough (barely) to see the Beatles introduction to the USA on the Ed Sullivan show. Probably, that means not so much in the UK. But the Ed Sullivan show was the cultural barometer at the time. My parents were a bit appalled by the Beatles. I have loved them ever since.


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