Saturday 31 August 2013

It's the blues turn!

Just a quick post before today's student arrives for their private tuition session. I came in a little early to take some photos of a couple of pieces I finished on Thursday - including a variation on the ruby earrings I made the week before. You may remember that I posted a picture of the earrings half made on my facebook page, trying to decide on which stones to use. I went for rubies in the end, but amazonite was a popular choice too, so here they are!

I went for a drop earring design this time instead of studs, and decided to leave the silver bright rather than oxidised too. Subtle changes but they do make quite a difference. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I love the curve in the silver - again quite a subtle thing to do but it usually is the small things that turns a design from "that's nice" to "I love that!"!

Both pairs of earrings are now on the website - amazonite here and ruby here - but if you'd like a different colour of bead then do drop me an email and let me know!


  1. Beautiful!!!! I love the little punch of color from those little gems.

    1. Thanks Alice!
      I made myself a pair of the amazonite earrings too and I have to say that I love them, even if I did make them myself. I don’t usually wear danglies all day but these are so comfortable that I forgot that I was wearing them!


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