Friday 30 August 2013

The Year's Best Beads, Findings and More!

Some exciting post arrived from across the Atlantic today! The Fall issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine includes the Beads 2013 Buyer's Guide, with (to quote the magazine's front cover) "100 of the year's best beads, findings and more" - and four of the pieces on show in the guide are mine!

There they are - in such great company too!

I entered them for consideration way back in the Spring. Each designer or business could enter up to five designs, and I was delighted when the editors asked me to send in all five of the designs that I had submitted - a copper Lovebird clasp, a daisy toggle clasp, a copper Poppy connector and matching Poppy earwires, and an Oak Leaf clasp. They didn't include the Oak Leaf clasp in the end, but I'm hoping that that one will find it's way into a project sometime. You can, of course, find all of the designs and plenty more over at  I'm in great company too - many of my friends over at Art Jewelry Elements are featured. A certain pie bead is on show for example!

I've been working away on some new designs for the Daisychain Extra shop over the summer. They're finished and lined up on my desk waiting for their turn with the camera so they will be listed in the shop Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday hopefully, but it depends on how long the photo editing takes!


  1. Yay! Congrats! I love your work as you are well aware of. What a coincidence I placed my order just before you posted this. Almost seems like some kind of magic, if you're into that kind of thinking ... :-). Gotta go and buy my copy of Stringing now then. x

  2. Thanks Malin! Definitely a great coincidence - thank you for your order, it'll be on its way to you on Monday! Jx


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