Wednesday 14 August 2013

Today's work

At last! Some lovely pictures of lovely jewellery made by one of my lovely students that I can show you! I'm hoping that there will be some more finished pieces tomorrow as well as Brenda should finish at least one of the pieces that she's been working on in her session tomorrow.

My student today was Nicky, who came along to some of my classes at Eastleigh College a couple of years ago. She had a stone setting that she wanted to finish off and mount onto a ring, and wanted to learn how to make a bangle too - she did both of those, and made a pair of dainty stud earrings as a bonus!

New tuition dates will be on the website here in a couple of hours - sign up for the newsletter if you want to know exactly when!


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    1. Thanks! Nicky did brilliantly, especially considering that she hadn't made any jewellery for well over a year.


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