Wednesday 14 August 2013

Long summer days

It may have been very quiet on here recently, but our long hot summer days are very full! We're now half way through the school summer holidays and so far we've had two camping trips (one a mix of gorgeous sunshine and torrential rain, typical British summer, but still loads of fun), a trip to Legoland and a couple of other days trips out. The rest of the holiday is booked up with our friends from New Zealand visiting for a few days while they're back in the UK and trips to see T's side family. And of course two days a week I disappear off to the studio - we've all felt the benefits of me having a studio away from home this summer! Normally during the school holidays I feel pulled in all directions on work days, even though T is looking after the boys (the benefits him being a teacher!), but now I leave for work and can concentrate completely on the wonderful world of jewellery making!

I've done lots of teaching so far this summer, but I can't actually show you any of the finished pieces yet. They are either work in progress being made by some of my regular students who tend to make pieces that take more than one session, or jewellery that people have made for particular occasions, and I can't show you those yet just in case I spoil the surprise! I'm teaching again today though, so hopefully I'll be able to show you some finished pieces this evening. I can, however, show you one of the most special pieces that has been made so far in my studio. Ben spent an afternoon in here with me, as is rightly very proud of his rabbit key ring - as am I!

Talking of teaching, I will be putting new private tuition dates on the website this evening. There will be a newsletter going out as soon as the dates are up, but this is a bit of advanced warning!

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