Friday 6 June 2008

All Aboard!

It's been a busy week - as usual! B and I went to Toddler Twist on Monday morning, my parents came over on Tuesday, we went swimming on Wednesday morning, B went to his childminder on Thursday while I worked, and B had a friend over to play this morning. I definitely need his afternoon naps to catch up with the fun things like housework (oh, and jewellery of course!). Heaven knows what I'm going to do when he doesn't need a nap any more!!

B had a great time with my parents over on Tuesday. Dad was crawling around on the floor with him playing with his trains. They then got his play tools out and Dad was teaching him all the names - B came up to me with a very serious look on his face and told me that the tool he was holding was an adjustable spanner! This afternoon after his nap B has been combining his two new favourite pastimes by mending his trains with his wrench and drill. Do you think it would be child labour to put him to work on building a cupboard under the stairs?!

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