Tuesday 24 June 2008

Daddy's work

After we'd put B to bed last night I told T what he'd been doing earlier that day...

B came into the kitchen as I was washing up (yes, I do try and do the housework as well as play in the shed!) wheeling his little play suitcase full of playdough behind him.

"I'm going to Daddy's work" he says

"Are you? Is that your bag for work?"

"Yes. I like Daddy's work"

"Well, have a good time. Do you know what Daddy does at work?"

"Yes. He makes bracelets"

T thought it was really sweet until that last part. Needless to say, he does not make bracelets or any other type of jewellery at work!

I finished the lampwork and citrine bracelet on Sunday, but I've only just been able to get a decent photo as first there was no sun (must get light studio lights set up properly) and then all the rechargable batteries for the camera were flat - typical! I'll post some photos tonight. I've also got to pass some awards on too - Michele (Hedgelands Glass Gems) gave me a lovely award on Sunday and I've been thinking of the five people I need to pass it onto. I think it's going to be an international award!


  1. heheh that's funny.
    I am dying to see this lampwork and citrine bracelet that meets the yellow challenge. Post it soon, please.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes eh!! Love your pieces, Jo, I agree those citrine beads do bring out the lighter colours in the lampwork. Well done for trying it out.

  3. Kids come out with the funniest things that can just turn your entire day around :) Bless them.


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