Sunday 8 June 2008


These are the projects that I finished on Saturday - I meant to post this yesterday but yet again my 'to-do' list was much too long!

I am so pleased with the cuff in particular. I actually cut the daisies out a month ago and after filing, sanding and in the case of the cuff forging into shape, sent them off to Goldsmiths' to be hallmarked. It's taken me until now to finish sanding, buffing, giving them a satin finish and then polishing, partly because I've been moving into the shed and also because I had spent so long cutting the cuff out that I was a bit nervous of spoiling it!

I've used the same daisy shape for both pendant and cuff, but the cuff has got daisies overlapping to form a row. They'll be on the website later this evening, and watch out for a matching pair of earrings when I've rolled out some thinner silver sheet!


  1. I really love this daisy cuff. It's very modern and unique. You could most definately get this stocked in a upbeat boutique. I think it would do really well. Can I ask...What kind of silver is it?


  2. Thanks Jess! It's sterling silver brushed to give a light satin finish.

  3. nice..I'd love to learn how to do that but I'm generally bad with things that require precision


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