Saturday 7 June 2008

Colour Challenge

Browsing through the etsy while having my lunch I came across a list of blogs that had just been updated - including this one. Fiona is a mum and ex-graphic designer in Adelaide who makes beautiful cushions and really fun kids toys like these

Cute aren't they? Sometimes I wish B had a soft hammer!!

Anyway, Fiona's posted the following challenge and challenged others on etsy to do join in - and I thought it looked like fun!

"This week (starting Mon 9th June) I will be only sewing in BLUE. All creations will be posted (the good, the bad & the ugly) for your perusal and comment, and the winning designs will hit my Etsy store. Each subsequent week will have a colour assigned in this order.

I sometimes have to speak strictly to myself to use certain colours (I rarely use yellow or red!) so hopefully the challenge will get me thinking! I did do the Year of Jewelry challenge for the last quarter of last year and started it again in January, but the themes each week were so precise that it became a chore. This challenge is short enough that it won't become a chore and it'll hopefully get me to use some of the beautiful materials that I've been storing up! I've listed the others who have signed up to the challenge on the left so you can see what they get up to.

So, what have I been doing today apart from browsing other blogs? Well, T has been at work since very early this morning (alarm went off before 6 this morning which is horrendously early for us - we have a toodler who, thank God, doesn't wake up early!) so he could get to the park in the centre of Southampton and help set up for K2, a big youth event that is put on once a month during the summer here. B and I had pancakes (now a family tradition at weekends!) and then took Daddy his lunch before going to buy some new shoes. B is so proud of them as they've got diggers and wheels on them! I managed to get a couple of jewellery 'chores' done while he was having a nap (cutting jump rings for one) and finished a couple of projects too. I'll show you those tomorrow as it's definitely past my bedtime!

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