Monday 2 June 2008

Moving Day

Yes, I have finally moved into the shed! I spent last Wednesday putting a final coat of paint inside while B had an extra day with his childminder, and then started the job of moving everything in from the spare room. By the evening everything was ready, and I started working in it on Thursday morning! It is fantastic having a space that is properly organised for silversmithing, with a soldering station permanently set up, and I love the fact that I can leave a project out on my desk ready for me to continue with it the next day. I've been able to get so much done over the last few days!

I've been working on a couple of commissions (can't show you these yet as they're going to be surprise presents) and also on some more projects for the next few jewellery workshops. The photos show another bracelet and also a pair of earrings for the Spirals Bracelet workshop coming up in a couple of weeks. Both of them will be added to the website tomorrow.
To celebrate the fact that I've finally got a proper workshop (okay, a shed!), I've got a special offer for you on jewellery workshop places. If you book 3 or more places on the workshops that I'm running this spring and summer then I will give you 10% off the workshop fees. To book places using this offer then please email me at to organise it as I can't yet get the website to work it out automatically! The offer runs until 12th June.


  1. I love your spirals bracelet. The colours are beautiful and the spirals give that funkiness about it!

  2. Your shed looks great inside! I miss having a place in which to do 'proper' metalwork (i.e. anything that involves a blowtorch), can't wait to get my own shed :)


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