Thursday 19 February 2009

A busy week

I've been much better at blogging regularly this year, but I blew it this week - a whole week since my last post! It has been a busy week here though, so can I use that as an excuse? And can I make it up to you with the offer of a tutorial later today and some pictures later of what I've been up to? I have been working hard, honest, but just not always at things that I can show you now (magazine articles, commissions). Apart from work, it's been busy here for family reasons too. B had a birthday party to go to last Saturday afternoon, it was Mum's birthday on Sunday, and we've just had a surprise visit from the inlaws over the last couple of days. We didn't think we'd be seeing them until the Spring but they had some unexpected time on their hands and wanted to see B - they wanted to see T and I too, of course, but B was definitely the priority! The lucky boy went to Jungle Jeans (a local soft-play place) in the morning, MacDonalds for lunch and then ToysRUs in the afternoon before heading back here for a nap. It's back down to earth today though, as he's at his childminder while I work!

Anyway, I wanted to show you some photos of what I made Mum as part of her birthday present......

I'm sure you remember these lovelies made by Laura Sparling Well, as soon as Laura said she was taking custom orders I was rushing to her website. I ordered 3 - 2 with pink icing and pink sprinkles like the one at the back on the right of the photo, and one with white icing and a cherry like the cupcake in the centre. Other people have come up with some great combinations - have a look at Laura's cupcake gallery here! I've made the beads into bookmarks - one for Mum for her birthday, one for a friend for her birthday in a couple of months (don't worry, she doesn't read my blog - I think!), and the cherry one for me - well, I had to, didn't I? I didn't have time to take a photo before I gave Mum hers though, which is why there are only 2 in the picture below!

Laura's beads ended up inspiring the birthday cake too. I'll leave you with the cute reusable cup cake cases, measuring cups and icing syringe that I found in John Lewis, and the cupcakes I made. They didn't turn out quite how I'd pictured them (and the light in my parents' kitchen is awful for photos!), but that just means that I'll have to practise making more, won't I?!


  1. I LOVE the bookmark idea! How fantastic :D

    How did you find the silicone bakeware to work with? I have some that I got from M&S but I've not used them yet, you've inspired me to go and make cakes now!

  2. Great bookmarks! Glad you're pleased with the beads. Lovely cakes - like those cases. :o)

    L x


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