Monday 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

Well, I couldn't be the only blogger in the UK not to blog about the snow today, could I?! Any of you reading this from the States must think we're absoloutely mad but it only takes a little bit of snow down here on the south coast for us to get excited - and unfortunately for the roads to get clogged. The estate behind us has been unpassable for most of today as a bus jack-knifed on the main road there first thing this morning. Apparently this is the heaviest snowfall for almost 20 years.We usually go to a dance and music group on Monday mornings but B had a friend over to play instead. We had fun in the garden building a snowman (well, a snowchild) and throwing snowballs - at least, the children were trying to throw them at me but their aim isn't quite right yet! Never mind, they'll have another 15 years or so to practise their throwing before the next time we have any decent snow!

I hope that you all had fun in the snow today too!


  1. That is a stunning photograph of the snow! And I love the little snowman too!

    (I cant sign into google for some reason tonight!)

  2. You have made such a lovely snowman (unlike mine!!!). I just love the snow and totally enjoying it. It was a little difficult to drive around but I came back home in one piece. Saw your knitting. Look forward to seeing your knitted hat :D

  3. When I lived in Eugene, Oregon, our weather was much like yours there in England. Most of the winter was rainy, but every few years, we would get a few inches of snow, and everything would shut down! My girls loved it! It never lasted long, but it was so fun to play in it!

    Now, I live in the mountains of Idaho, and we have snow all winter! We have plows to clear the roads, a ski resort up the road so we can play in the snow, bright, sunny winter days with the sun reflecting off of the snow! My husband took the day off yesterday for my birthday, and we skied. It was lovely! glad you got to play in the snow, too!



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