Friday 6 February 2009


I hinted a week or so ago that I've been working on a couple of exciting things......and you may have guessed what one of them is from the title of this post....

I’m pleased to announce that a range of Daisychain Jewellery can now be found at notonthehighstreet!

I've spent the last week or so taking new photos and uploading products and the shop went live this morning. There are ten designs in there at present, including the ones shown on the picture above, and more will be added over the next week or so. I was really pleased to see that my ruby charm bangles are in the 'Gifts for Her' gift guide already!


  1. Thats amazing news... congratulations


  2. Fantastic news - I bet it has been hard work for you, but it will pay off. Good luck with this new venture.


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