Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Picture Weekend

This weekend seemed much longer than a normal three day Bank Holiday weekend! That was partly because T was away on a climbing weekend on Dartmoor, but also because B and I seemed to cram so much in. Most was fun, part was expensive and not expected, but that's life!

We went to visit some friends on Saturday morning to meet the latest additions to their menagerie - four little pigs! They haven't got names but are collectively known as "The Iggles" as they will some days...erm, well....be dinner.

The next visit was lots of fun too. Nicky has been working for Clemetine Toys for a while now (which is why she hadn't had so much time for jewellery lately).
It's the great family run business where I bought B's massive train birthday present.
Saturday lunchtime was the first opening of their new bricks and mortar shop at Bitterne Triangle, just down the road from us, so of course we had to go and say hello. And buy a new piece of train track.

And then go home and make yet another super dooper train track.
Bitterne Triangle has some really useful shops, but it's never had a toy shop before. It's a welcome splash of colour!

The side trip to Kwikfit wasn't so welcome though.
We managed to get a completely flat tire on the way home :(

Sunday and most of Monday were spent at my parents where B was force-fed chocolate cake, poor love. My brother was there too, which meant that I got a by then much needed rest because when Uncle N is about Mummy isn't really needed!!
Thank you, brother dear, for the fact that my son idolises you and you are always so willing to play with him!
I hope that you dried out fairly quickly after giving him a bath!

Don't worry - of course I managed to fit some jewellery making in! Sawing, soldering, filing and other quieter jobs in the evenings while B was in bed, hammering in the kitchen while he was playing with his train set on Saturday afternoon!

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