Friday 14 May 2010


It has been far too long since I showed you any brand new work. It's not that I haven't been doing any, it's that made-to-order orders, teaching and magazine deadlines have had to come first. Now that my evening classes have finished I am working my way through the half finished pieces that are sitting on the shelf above my workdesk. Most of them only need their stones setting or polishing or oxidising, so expect to see new pieces alot over the next couple of weeks!

This was the first on my list to finish as all I needed to do was finish setting the stone. "Pebbles" have been an idea sketched out for ages. I wanted to make some pendants that used my growing collection of smaller cabochons and had a bit of texture, but not a hammered texture, and also a way of using some of the silver in my scrap pot. So, I cut as many tiny discs as I could out of a couple of pieces of scrap and had a play! I actually made the pendant and stone setting a bit at a time, week by week, as part of teaching my beginners class how to bezel set stones.

Despite my "must finish these projects first" decision, I've now got another couple of pendants and a ring laid out on my desk waiting for their own pebbles! This one is available on the website here.

Note to self - put some make up on next time before modelling jewellery!!


  1. It's beautiful Jo! Love the simplicity of your designs.

  2. Love the circles idea. And you look great without make up.

  3. Lovely Jo! And the jewellery's beautiful too! Seriously, I wished I looked that good without make-up :)

  4. Ello gorgeous! (the pendants pretty too *giggle*)
    Nic x


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