Friday 21 May 2010

Bead Soup Party!

Do you remember the Bead Soup Party I took part in at the beginning of the year? It was organised by Lori at Pretty Things and over 80 jewellery designers and bead designers took part - we were paired up, sent each other a focal bead, a really nice clasp and some spacer beads, and then had to make something with what our partner sent us. There were some amazing pieces of jewellery made!

Well, Lori's hosting another party - this time with nearly 100 guests! My partner this time is Malin who lives in Sweden who works with everything from seed beads to polymer clay and is doing a very good job of getting her son and daughter involved in jewellery making!

I posted Malin's parcel out at the beginning of the week - fancy a peek?

Only joking! I'm not showing you everything though - you'll have to wait until Malin gets her parcel!


  1. Hi,

    I've just stumbled across your blog after googling about making headpins and found your recent tutorial - it's great. Can I ask you which torch you use? I'm looking into purchasing one.

    Also now following your blog!

    Sophie x

  2. Hopefully it will be with you soon Malin!

    Thanks for the follow Sophie! I bought my torch from Cookson Gold. It's their hand torch, product code 999 955. Several other companies sell similar ones. The butane gas is easily sourced and the torches are easy to fill. I buy my gas from my local newsagents. Hope that helps!

    Jo x


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