Tuesday 18 May 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Art Clay Silver basics

This week's Tutorial Tuesday is from Nicola at Murano Silver. Nic produces amazing silver art clay and enamelled work, writes magazine articles (see her latest in June's Beads and Beyond!) and also keeps her blog stocked with great hints and tips on using silver art clay.

These are her latest tutorials - three videos on the basics of silver art clay. I've seen so many tutorials and videos that either aren't clear, completely miss out the basics, or both, so watching these was great. Here they are:

How to condition silver art clay

Rolling out silver clay

Texturing silver clay

Oh, and while you're at Nic's flickr page, have a look at the pictures of her gorgeous new kitten!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my little vids with the world, I'll be making some more on finger printing and other techinques which I hope people will find useful :)
    We pick up our Tabby kitten on Monday (very very excited about my new FurBaby)
    Nicola xx


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