Monday 10 May 2010

Picture Weekend

Saturday was a very welcome break in my hectic routine - I spent virtually the whole day doing absolutely nothing at all! Bliss! A friend who I met when our boys were tiny babes is getting married at the beginning of next month, and a gang of us got together for a spa day on Saturday - great chat, lunch without interruptions, glass of bubbly, lazing by the pool with a trashy magazine and a facial - absolute bliss! We all had a great time - thank you Catherine! Most of the others went on to a pole dancing lesson in the evening, but T had already booked a night out when the hen party invitations were sent out, so I had to sit that one out. Hearing about all the aches and bruises from friends at the school gate this morning almost made me glad I hadn't been able to go, but the photos looked hilarious! I'm sure you'll understand why I'm not showing you any photos from Saturday though!

Sunday was a family day. T bought me a voucher for half a day's glass blowing lesson at Roman Glass for my Christmas and birthday present. I haven't been able to book it yet as I've been so busy teaching and they've been busy moving into a new workshop, the Project Workshops, near Winchester. When I read in the latest Craft and Design magazine that the craft complex that they're based in was having a weekend event I persuaded T and B to come with me with the promise of a pub lunch on the way. I loved it there, and I must admit that I was wondering round thinking of how much I'd love a studio space there - maybe one day when B's older!

We found woods carpeted with bluebells on our way to the Project Workshops 
so obviously had to stop for a photo!

I could have watched the glass blowing for hours.
If you want to see more of their work visit

A couple of the amazing sculptures around the workshops.
Can you imagine how womderful it must be to work in such inspiring surroundings?

If you'd like to find out more about the Project Workshops you can find their site here

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