Saturday 14 August 2010

Farewell Dear Shed....

I had many many days of bliss working in your shelter, hammering, soldering, sawing and teaching. You were warm, you were (more or less) organised, you were MY space. You will be missed.

The garden looks lonely (if bigger) without you. I hope that your new owners (thank you ebay) will appreciate you as much as I did - and as much as my family did as you kept my work out of the house!

But what's this? T's building an extension to the decking for a new, improved, twice-the-size workshed! Woo hoo!

It doesn't look much at the moment, but my super-star hubbie is working hard to give me a workshop large enough to teach two people at a time! (and to house my growing collection of tools). Little brother came over on Thursday as well to lend a hand - thank you!

Meanwhile, this is the state of the kitchen table - my current workspace. My mantra at the moment is something along the lines of "it won't be long now, I mustn't nag, he's doing this for me in his summer holidays and is being a star" but I HATE working like this!! All together now, "it won't be long........."

P.S. I hope this explains in part where I've been! The rest of the time has been taken up with general school holiday fun (painting pictures in the garden, visiting friends, trips out) and the usual magazine articles and orders. By the way, the Arundel bath tub race was brilliant fun - my favourite "boat" this year was the floating tennis court below. I think one of the swimmers pulling the tub along was getting bored and trying to pull one of the players in. I heard someone ask whether having swimmers pull you along was in the rules. I don't think that there are any rules - apart from needed a bath tub, of course!

P.P.S. Details of new tuition dates and prices for teaching two people at the same time will be available shortly, as will dates for new stone setting and Keum Boo workshops. If you would like to know as soon as the details are available please join my mailing list via the button on the left - thank you!


  1. Oh how lucky are you to be getting a bigger shed, this is also on my wish list, but my back garden is the size of a postage stamp.

  2. And I'm even luckier that T is willing to build it for me!

  3. How exciting, a new studio and made from scratch! That way you can really customize your space to your liking!

  4. Hello, thank you very much for saying that your favourite bathtub design was the tennis court. I was the man in the water trying to pull the other man (Andy) in. He was the only one of our team that didn't actually get wet. I'm quite suprised to see that picture when I googled for bathtub race. I hope you come along to this years bathtub race on the 13th of this month.. We have a different design that is (in my opinion) better than last years. It surely will be great fun. Thanks again. Gary S xx


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