Tuesday 31 August 2010

I've moved in!

I've been on a self-imposed computer ban over the Bank Holiday weekend to make sure that we got the workshed finished - and it worked! Mum and Dad had B to stay for a couple of nights and kept him busy with trips to the seaside, baking cakes, running round the woods near their house and teaching him truly awful jokes, and T and I got all the last jobs done. We finished the roof, painted inside, laid the insulation, floorboards and then carpet on the floor, built new workstations and then finally on Sunday I moved everything back in!

Ummm...my wonky photo makes it look as though the roof isn't quite straight!
As you can see there are still a few jobs to do. I need to take back to Ikea the bookcase with a missing shelf I bought on Sunday (yes, I even braved Ikea on a Sunday, armed with a list of exactly what I needed and the relevant aisle locations!) and unpack the two boxes you can see on the floor on the left, put my orders notice board up and we also need to insulate the ceiling - that can wait until the autumn though.

I also need to fit the bench pegs that you can see sitting on the new workbenches. Three workbenches!! I didn't have the traditional semi-circle for the bench peg and skin underneath cut into my old workbench as it gave me a bit more versatility when I had students over, but here I've got room for three good sized work areas. The one nearest the door is mine and the other two are for my friend Katie when she comes over to help me a couple of times a month (she keeps me stocked up with jumprings, headpins etc, helps organise my paperwork and package orders) and for two students - yes, I'm about to put details on the website for teaching two people together!

And this is the soldering station. Isn't everything beautifully neat and tidy?! Don't worry, that definitely won't last!

Today was my first day working in the new shed, and I loved it! I didn't have a full working day but I got so much work done. It had been taking me twice as long to get anything done while I was working in the kitchen as everything was so cramped and disorganised, however much I tried to keep it all tidy. It's so nice having the kitchen table back too! B was so good around my work tools. We had a chat when I moved things into the kitchen and he understood what he could touch and what was out-of-bounds.

One of the things I was working on today was a new tutorial, so I'm going to get on and edit that now - I'll be back later!

P.S. T and I did treat ourselves to an evening out at the cinema on Saturday as B was at my parents. If you haven't seen Inception yet, make sure that you do! It's fantastic - so many twists and turns and great effects.


  1. wow it is looking really good jo, and as you say it looks lovely and tidy, but for how long.x

  2. You must be SO excited! I long to have my own workshop...Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! Your new pad looks absolutely great! I wish you many long and happy years in there :-)

  4. Fantabulous workshop. How I wish I was nearer to come and have lessons.

  5. Thank you all of you! I love working in there!

  6. Love the shed, cant wait to visit, where are the creche facilities? Love Hellie

  7. Hellie, we can put a bouncy chair for Eliza in the corner - there's room! So when are you visiting? Jx


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