Friday, 27 August 2010

I'm so excited!

I've been keeping this news to myself for the last couple of weeks*, but now I can finally tell you!

I'm going to Beads and Beyond's Artisan show at the beginning of October and I'm going to be demonstrating one of my magazine projects there at B&B's stand on Saturday 2nd! I can't tell you which project yet as we've still got to check a couple of practical issues, but it will hopefully be one of the projects I've got in the October issue of the magazine, due out in a couple of weeks' time.

And to make thing's even better, Kerry Bogert will also be there, signing copies of her book Totally Twisted and demoing one of the projects from the book. She's brought forward a planned trip to the UK so that she can be there.

To find out more about Artisan and to book tickets, visit here and here. There will be some great stalls, and from the sounds of it there will be lampworking, jewellery making and metal clay demos going on all through the two days of the show.

*well, my family knew and have, I think, got a little bit tired of me skipping round the house in excitement!


  1. Now that is exciting. I just wonder if I can get over there...

  2. Hey, congratulations, it's well deserved recognition!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is so excitinG! I don't blame you from skipping round the house! Now, I wonder if I can work my way down there...


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