Wednesday 18 August 2010

Tutorial ...erm...Wednesday - lampwork bead videos

These summer holidays have left me very confused about the days. T now has the summer holidays off too (well, I say that but he seems to still have meetings most weeks to do with the new project he's working on in the new term!), which has made me even more confused about which day it is! Anyway, that's my feeble excuse for Tutorial Tuesday being a day late!

I've got some great lampwork bead tutorials for you this week - well, I say I've got them, but as you can probably guess they're not by me but by two lampwork bead artisits I really admire. The first is by Laura Sparling -she's added to her lampwork videos with this one on making encased silver wire beads like the ones below - I've used some of her silver wire beads in a few designs before, and they are beautiful. The video is here, and you can find the rest of Laura's lampwork videos here. Laura's also got a fantastic lampwork project in the latest issue of Beads and Beyond, showing you how to make heart shaped beads.

The second tutorial is by Kerry Bogert - her video is showing how to make a bead inside a hollow bead, something that I wasn't even aware was possible until I saw her video! The beads below are my favourite of the ones she's put on the post with the tutorial, but there are others so make sure that you take a look! I love how Kerry combines her colours.


  1. I love Laura's video tutorial on striking colors -- that helped me so much!


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