Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Our summer tour

I've checked my diary and the date on my phone and on the computer and figured out that it definitely is Wednesday. I've been even more mixed up about days for the last five days or so as we've been doing a grand tour of the country. Ok, I know that the UK isn't exactly the largest country in the world, but with smaller countries come more windy roads and longer travel times! We started off travelling up to T's Mum's in Staffordshire where we all stayed the night. I then left my boys there for a couple of nights while I travelled up North (and that's definitely North with a capital N - I was really concious in shops that my southern accent sounded odd!) to Middlesborough to see one of my bestest friends in the whole world and meet her gorgeous new baby!

This is Eliza - isn't she a beauty? She's five weeks and two days in this picture and I'm sure that she was just starting to smile - it can't all have been wind! It was so lovely spending time with Hellie and Jamie and Eliza - I just wish they didn't live so far away! Mind you, last year they were living in Texas for a year, so maybe Middlesborough isn't that bad!

My next trip was back to the in-laws to pick the boys up and stay the night. We then drove over to Suffolk for the Christening of the daughter of another of my bestest friends in the whole world. Kate and I went did our A levels together, as did two other friends who were there, so we all had a lovely catch up. The men did a great job of running round after the children (7 between the four of us, ranging from nearly five (my boy!) to Emma, the Christening girl at one year) while we sat in the sun and chatted - bliss!

It was lovely sleeping in my own bed again - just need to catch up on the orders that came in while I was away - oh, and all the washing!

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