Saturday 21 May 2011

Buzz buzz buzz....

I am quite literally buzzing with excitement! One of the reasons is that T and I went to a wonderful wedding reception yesterday. Kevin and Juno are two of our loveliest friends, and after a very small wedding yesterday 80 of us joined them for a reception at the Mayflower theatre, first of all for a champagne reception, then for a meal and then a fantastic performance of We Will Rock You - it was definitely the most unique wedding receptions we have been too, such a fantastic idea and so perfect for Kev and Juno. They had a box for the show whilst the rest of us had amazing seats in the upper circle. The rest of the audience must have wondered what on earth was going on though - all 80 of us gave the happy couple a standing ovation when they entered their box and we were all up on our feet dancing and singing to the wonderful Queen rock songs. A lot of other people in the audience were too (audience participation is encouraged!), but they must have wondered what we were all celebrating! Their wedding outfits were wonderful too - they went shopping for fantastic bohemian vintage clothes at Camden Market in London. Thank you both of you for a fantastic night out, and thank you Mum and Dad for babysitting and not minding that we didn't get back until well after midnight!

There are other reasons for my general buzziness too - two equally lovely commissions, some exciting emails and a couple of projects that I've been working on recently nearly ready to show you. I can finally share one of them with you on Monday, which will be a relief as it's been a bit frustrating watching what I type and what I show you on Bead Table Wednesdays so that I didn't give the game away too early!

Right then, time to watch the latest Doctor Who! It clashes with the boys bedtime so we have to record it. I've a feeling that I'll be hiding behind a cushion rather than buzzing while we watch it from what I've seen of the trailers!

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