Tuesday 10 May 2011

I do love calm and productive days!

It has been a lovely day here today, and not just because the beautiful weather is continuing. It was one of those rare days when everything just slotted into place - Jamie had two lovely naps in his cot and was all smiles and gurgles when he was awake despite teething, poor love. So, while he was alseep I got finished some jobs I've been wanting to finish for the last week, and when he was awake we had lots of games of peekaboo and he supervised my housework. I do love this age - almost everything I do, as long as I talk to him while I'm doing it is entertaining and his smiles are so beautiful. Mind you, no matter how entertaining he finds me, Jamie saves his biggest smiles for Ben when he comes home from school! Today it was time for a game of Twister in the garden -although Jamie seems a bit bemused in these photos!

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