Monday 9 May 2011

The winners - at last!

Sorry for the silence last week - both I and our internet conection were feeling a bit under the weather. The internet problem seems to have been solved by a very efficient engineer who came out to see what he could do last Thursday, and some early nights seem to have sorted me out. It may sound strange but I sometimes forget that not only have I got a four month baby (I don't ever forget that part!), but I'm still recovering from major surgery. My stay in hospital is starting to feel like a bad dream sometimes, until I catch sight of the scars again - but at least they are fading too. I just have to remember to pace myself. A fair bit of last week was spent at various hospital appointments, but I won't have so many to go to in the future as the main clinic are so pleased with how I'm doing that I just need to go in for a check up every 6 weeks or so, and the speech therapist is so pleased with me that she's signed me off, although she says I can call or email if I need help in the future. Everyone involved in my care at the hospital has been wonderful!

Anyway...the winners of the earrings! Drum roll please.......

The winner of the "leave a comment" pair of earrings is comment 14, left by Pralinka -you have some great photos on your blog! The winner of the newsletter subscription pair of earrings is Louise Fullerton. Congratulations both of you - emails are on their way to you so that I can get your addresses and post your new earrings to you! Thank you for the lovely comments you left - I didn't leave any comments in return as I didn't want to confuse the count, but it was lovely to read about what you all had been making!

I've got a new earring design to show you later in the week, and a pair of them to give away too!


  1. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the tutorial I made a pair and completly love them!

  2. Your earrings look fab Niky! I love the way you've changed the shape of the earwires to suit the shape of your beads! Thank you for the lovely comments and the blog post.
    Jo x


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