Wednesday 15 June 2011


Guess what we're doing?! Yes, it's time for the kitchen (and me!) to be covered in puree and for Jamie to need even more changes of clothes during the day! Apple, pear and carrots are going down well, and apple mixed with blueberries are a big hit - so much so that he keeps grabbing the spoon himself!


  1. Oh Jo, that brings back memories! Have fun.

  2. He looks so cute covered in blueberries! It's a good colour for him! Reminds me of the time my son managed to grab a piece of chocolate cake in a restaurant (we didn't see him do it) and smeared himself in brown goo...when I first noticed it I thought it was something else entirely!

  3. Where did the time go? I cant believe he is eating solids already! Happy cleaning that bib :)

  4. Your face must have been a picture Lynne! Hope it didn't take too long to clear up :)

    Hellie - time is really racing by at the moment. He seems to be learning a new thing everyday! Hope you are all well down in NZ xxx


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