Thursday 9 June 2011

Sooz Jewels and Daisychain Extra Clasps!

Sue Doran of Sooz Jewels kindly let me know that she has posted a couple of pictures of bracelets she's made featuring my daisy clasps. I was really chuffed to see what she'd made - beautiful bracelets with her lampwork beads and my handmade clasps! They go really well together. My favourite is the copper combined with her gorgeous beads made from recycled beer bottles - the colours go beautifully together!
 Sue has a stall at the Art & Craft market opposite Trinity College in Cambridge every Saturday, so if you're in the area do go and admire (and buy!) her work!

Jamie and I are off to Ben's class assembly now but my main Daisychain job today is to edit the photos for some new clasps, including a set of limited edition buttons and matching toggle clasp, and to list them on the websites. I'll let you know when they're up!


  1. that's really pretty :)
    love the daisy clasp.

  2. Thanks for featuring one of my bracelets on your blog, Jo. I'm looking forward to seeing new items from you.
    PS Congrats regarding the Lark Books tutorial!


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