Sunday 26 June 2011

Sunny Sunday

The sun decided to come out and play again today - just in time for Dad's birthday BBQ! Lots of lovely BBQ'd food, wine, birthday cake, playing in the garden, teasing Dad about the fact he can now collect his pension - you get the idea! Both boys had a lovely time. Ben loved playing in the garden and playing with my brother who he absolutely loves spending time with, and Jamie just loved all the attention and tickles!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today was the perfect opportunity to try out my new camera. I finally invested in one with a better zoom after seeing the fantastic photos that my friend Hellie took with her's when she visited a couple of months ago - there is no way that my old camera could have taken the beautiful shot of Jamie that she took here. I need to spend a lot more time practising with it but I'm really pleased with the pictures I took of Ben playing with his giant bubbles!

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