Wednesday 1 June 2011


It's just about still Wednesday! I took this photo earlier this evening while the sun was setting and the warm evening sun was streaming in through my workshop windows. I'm still getting used to the different light in my new workshop as the windows in the old one faced a different was, but I think that the evening sun is my favourite. I was able to spend an hour or so in the workshop this evening after the boys went to bed and T was watching old episodes of CSI. My main task was to edit the photos for a magazine project, but I managed to start some new toggle clasps and plan out a bracelet using the lampwork beads you can see on my (surprisingly tidy, only tidied up for magazine project photos) desk.

I'm going to be spending a few more evenings in the workshop next week on top of whatever time Jamie gives me during the week as I've got my first show of the year on Saturday 11th, a week on Saturday - eeek! I signed up for it quite late as I wasn't sure that I'd be ready for it, not in terms of stock, but physically feeling ready for it. In the end I decided that if I wasn't careful I'd keep putting it off. I've also got the Winchester Handm@de show coming up in July, and I'd like to do a smaller show before that. The show on the 11th is at the Winchester Discovery Centre. I did one there last October and it was very successful, so hopefully this one will be too!

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