Wednesday 22 June 2011

New Workshop date!

I have at last organised a workshop date! It's been a while, but I really wanted to get something organised before the school summer holidays and I've had a request for more beginners workshops.

This is the perfect workshop for learning your first silversmithing skills or for refreshing your knowledge - and of course you go home with a beautiful piece of jewellery made precisely to fit you!

The aim of this workshop is to teach you how to make a bangle from sterling silver wire. A range of diameters and shapes of wire will be available for you to choose from, and the first £10 worth of materials are  included in the cost of the workshop. Depending on the cost of silver on the day this usually covers the cost of an average sized bangle. All equipment is provided.

While learning how to make your bangle you will learn the following skills:
calculating the amount of materials required
sawing, filing, sanding and polishing
hammering textures
We will also cover topics such as hallmarking, and you will be given information sheets to help you to make your own bangles at home. These are the basic silversmithing skills required for creating virtually every other piece of silver jewellery from chains to earrings.

This is the only group workshop that I will be running before the autumn, and there are only 5 places available. For more details and to book a place follow the link - link!

That was quick!! There is now only one place left - if you'd like it, you'd better get in there quick!!

All of the places have been booked now, thank you!

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