Monday 29 August 2011

Bead Soup for Janna

It's been rather crazy here over the last few days, what with back to school stuff to organise for both Ben and T, meeting up with friends, work on the garden, teaching, more teaching, magazine deadlines, commissions - you get the picture! So, I've got quite a few blog posts lined up for the next couple of days!

Janna (my bead soup party partner) got her bead soup on the same day that mine arrived - fantastic timing! I showed you a sneek peak before she got it,

and this is a much clearer picture of what I sent her!

The lampwork beads are by Isabelle Anderson, and no matter how many photos I took I just couldn't capture their beauty properly! They are completely round, not donuts, and have light colours (pink, blue and white) encased in clear glass so that the colours look as if they are swirling around. The blue one also has fine silver dots inside. There are also Czech glass beads, antiqued copper beads, large copper jump rings that I made myself, and also one of my daisy toggles that I made for Janna - although I only realised after I took the photos that I'd put the wrong sized toggle with the daisy. I did remember to change it for the right size before I posted it off to Germany! I can't wait to see what Janna makes with it all. Pastels and shine aren't her usually ingredients of choice but I wanted to challenge her - after all, that's what the party is about! I thought that antiqued copper rather than shiny silver would soften the challenge a little bit though :)

Please do go and visit Janna's blog to see what she thought of what I sent her! We'll be posting the finished pieces on 17th September.


  1. You and Janna are such a wonderful pair. Can't wait for the pieces of both of you!

  2. I love all your soup you sent...the glass beads and copper in particular...will look out for you and your partner.

  3. What a gorgeous selection you sent. What do you use to solder your copper rings together?

  4. I'm glad you liked it!

    Fiona - I use normal silver solder for the copper as you can't get copper coloured solder. Would be great if you could!

  5. Thank you. I'll give it a try. I had been wondering if there was special stuff for copper.


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