Tuesday 30 August 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Bead Soup Party gift box

I thought that as the school holidays are almost over (already!) it was about time that I started up my Tutorial Tuesday posts again, and as nearly 400 of us beady bloggers are in the midst of creating our Bead Soup Party pieces, what better than a Bead Sop Party tutorial?!

It has been lovely to see not only the wonderful bead soups that everyone has had through the post but also the beautiful and imaginative ways many people have packaged up their beads for their partners. I showed you the lovely way that Janna packaged up the soup she sent me, perfectly matching the theme of the beads inside. Well, the tine above is how Jenny Cameron packaged up the soup she sent to her partner, and she's written up a tutorial for it. She put so much thought and effort into decorating the tin, and it goes beautifully with the soup she sent. You can find her tutorial here!


  1. I love your colorful things! Have a nice day! Yours Doris

  2. Thanks for featuring the tut I wrote! Hopefully people will enjoy it :o)


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