Saturday 20 August 2011

The soup ingredients are here!

My bead soup ingredients have arrived safely from Germany - and they are beautiful! Look, even the parcel Janna wrapped them up in is gorgeous! I have plans for the button she tied the parcel up with....

And this is what I found inside - a real seaside soup! There's a beautiful epoxy clay pendant that Janna made herself in lovely soft shades of greens, matching silk ribbons, shells, sea urchin spines, Indonesian glass beads in such a soft shade of blue, silver beads, cotton pearls that Janna has made, mother of pearl, lucite beads, and a gorgeous silver hook clasp, again made by Janna. She has sent me so much and my head is buzzing with ideas -  I am a very lucky girl! The pendant did stump me for a little bit as it's just so different from and much bigger than anything I've worked with before, but that's the fun of the Bead Soup Party!

Thank you so much Janna - I just hope that you like your soup as much as I like mine!


  1. That is a beautiful mix of beads, I love the urchin!

    Have fun cooking up something wonderful.

  2. Wow, that all looks sooo fantastic, Completly in love with all that glass!

  3. Your soup is lovely! Is the Sea Urchin clay... I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job!

    Still waiting for mine to arrive from the US!

  4. I am so glad that everything has arrived safely, and that you like your soup, Joanne! Love the photos!

  5. That is a beautifully elegant soup. I love how she did the packaging, too. How lovely...will watch how you use it.

  6. Wonderful soup. I would be challenged by the sea urchin too. It will be interesting to see what you will make with it.


  7. That's a lovely mix - gorgeous soft colours.Lok forward to seeing you designs.

  8. OH my goodness, gorgeous! You know I love the ocean so these are truly calling to me - some of the prettiest bead soups I've seen yet (you lucky lady!). :-)

  9. Just like being on the beach. Should be fun for you.

  10. This is a beautiful mix and lovely packed. The sea urchin is wonderful!
    Enjoy your soup!

  11. I am lucky, aren't I? :)
    The sea urchin pendant is even more lovely in real life, and is so tactile. I've almost decided how I'm going to use it, but my ideas may change again nearer the 17th!

  12. So lovely! Can't wait to see what you make with these!


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