Wednesday 10 August 2011

Home again

Well, so much for my new resolution of blogging more often! I came down with a horrible bug just before the end of term and, unusually for me, spent most of three days in bed. This bug seemed to be doing the rounds at school, but not amongst the children - it was the mums at the school gate that seemed to be coming down with it! Thankfully I didn't miss any of Ben's end of term activities though. I can't quite believe that it's a while year since this post and Ben has now completed his foundation year of school. He's excited about going into Year 1. He's still with the same class of children and the school have done a really good job of preparing them for next year.

I did take my laptop with me on holiday to Suffolk last week and planned to do the giveaway draw then and inflict my holiday photos on you show you what we were up to, but the advertised wifi in our accomodation was very hit and miss! At best I could get a slow signal in the corner of the garden. I do love Suffolk though, mainly because parts of it are still in the 1990s! We had a great time - met up with family and friends, visited all the places I used to go to when my brother and I stayed with our grandparents during the summer holidays and generally relaxed. Ben loved it all, even sharing a room with his teething baby brother, and Jamie just loved all the cuddles from family and friends. I'm not going to inflict all our photos on you, promise, just the highlights of my favourite day of the week - a day out at Aldeburgh with my friend Kate and her children.

Ben and Ben daring the waves - and my Ben losing!

I gave up trying to get a shot of all four children looking at the camera!

Chilling on the beach

The best photo of all

Normal service (whatever that is!) will be resumed tomorrow with new jewellery and the giveaway draw at last! 

I've just seen on the post I linked to that I got a bug at the end of last academic year too - hopefully it's not going to be a recurring theme!


  1. *love* Aldeburgh! It's such a magical place - not least because it was the home of one of my very favourite composers -Britten. And it's very beautiful! Looks like you guys all had a fabby time - love that one of you and your friend laughing, so happy. We've missed you here in blogland!

    PS Ordered my tumbler at the weekend - oo-er! Waiting on it's arrival...

  2. I've got a bit of a confession - T had already taken one photo, and was holding Jamie in one arm and the camera in the other hand, and then Jamie dribbled a load of milk all down T's tshirt. Sympathetic mummies that we are, Kate and I just couldn't stop laughing!
    Aldeburgh definitely is magical, even in the depths of winter. My Mum's parents were stationed near there WWII, and Grandad proposed to Grandma on the way back to lodgings in Thorpeness. And Dad was in the Benjamin Britten choir!
    Have fun with your tumbler!


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