Saturday 20 August 2011

How many pages?!

I finally picked up my copy of this month's Beads and Beyond magazine yesterday morning - with my earrings taking pride of place on the front cover!

They're really easy to make, especially if you've got a wirework jig such as a wigjig, and I included templates to show were to place the pegs, but they're simple to make with round nosed pliers too. I've also got a necklace with one of Mindy Macgregor's beautiful poppy heart beads in this month's magazine, and when I showed T it then sparked off a conversation about just how many pages my work or writing is featured on this month.

I counted 14 including the front cover, Michelle and Becky's intro, the picture on the contents page, the two Spotlight pages, 6 project pages, two pages for the designer challenge, and even at the back of the magazine one of my copper daisy clasps on the preview of Rebecca Anderson's necklace for the October issue. T says only 10 of those count as they're the ones I'm paid for!


  1. 15 if you count the mini-front cover picture of that issue on the subscription page :D

  2. LOL! I like your maths the best Hazel!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, JO!!! What an achievement and avery proud moment. I hope you frame this one for your studio - the COVER! I was just in Barnes and Nobles last night and didn't see it yet...I'll be on the lookout!


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