Wednesday 16 May 2012


A good morning's work! Sawing, filing, drilling and hammering. 
Soldering next!


  1. Looks like you had fun! Can you saw more than one bird/flower at once? Most of my sawing is jumprings for Chain Maille! Think sawing is a bit like colouring I don't stay 'between the lines'!

  2. Oh yes, Lynne, lots of fun!
    It is possible to saw out more than one item at a time by layering sheets, but I find that it only really works if you've got thin layers of sheets and they are securely stuck together so there's no slippage. I find it easier and quicker to cut them out separate, it's less fiddly. Staying on the lines is a matter of practice - take things slowly, work on your accuracy first and speed will come with experience. There's a tutorial that I did on sawing and piercing metal here


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