Wednesday 30 May 2012

Flower Bangle Challenge names!

Thank you so much for all the entries into my Flower Bangle draw! All the names went into the hat this morning and......drum roll please!.......

The Flower bangles will soon be flying off to:

Sherri Stokey - Knot Just Macrame
Shannon Chomanczuk - For My Sweet Daughter
Jenny - Shyme Design
Keri Lee Sereika - Pink Lemonade
Heidi Post - Ex Post Facto Jewelry

Ladies, I will be emailing you later this evening. You have until Saturday 30th June to decorate your bangle  - good luck!

P.S. I've updated the blog hop button as I realised I'd got the wrong date on it - oops!

P.P.S. The Birthday Sale in my Daisychain Extra etsy shop ends tomorrow - use the code "BIRTHDAY" to get 15% off your order!


  1. oh my god I keep winning things! I need to buy lottery tickets! Thank you - I'm so excited to play along :)

  2. Have fun, Ladies! Can't wait to see your designs! :)

  3. Oh now im jelous. I think i missed entering. But big congrats to you who won. The reveal is on my birthday :-). I look forward to see your creations.

  4. Oh my! This is going to be fun! It is possible I made an slight error when writing the e-mail adress, I think I wrote .com at the end and it's supposed to be .se (


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