Saturday 5 May 2012

One Crayon Colour Challenge

Time for another challenge! I've been busy working towards deadlines this week (which is why I've been so quiet!), so it was great being able to put them to one side for a little while and just play! I loved looking at all the designs entered into Sally Russick's last challenge, so I was really pleased to get a place on her latest challenge - I just squeezed in at the last minute! This time, Sally challenged us to use just one colour to design a piece of jewellery - which I actually found a bit harder than I thought I would as I've been really enjoying mixing the colours is recently!

My crayon colour was blue, and this is what (after a couple of false starts) I came up with.....

Lampwork beads by Beads of Passion
Czech glass faceted beads from Five Sisters
Silk ribbon from Marsha Neal Studio
Sterling silver bubble connectors made by me!

This started out as a bracelet and then turned into a long necklace which I wasn't completely pleased with, but I could put my finger on why! While photographing it I finally realised that although I loved the blues in the beads I'd chosen and was really pleased with the bubble connectors I'd made everything was too spread out and the beads would have looked lost unless it was worn with the plainest of tops - and so the bead and silver section got doubled up and it turned into a shorter necklace that looks far richer and makes more of a statement!

If you'd like to see how I made the bubble connectors please have a look at this tutorial!

To see all the other challenge designs please visit:

Hosted by:
Alicia Marinache
Catherine Pruitt
Jenny Davies Reazor
Jennifer Judd Velasquez
Birgitta Lejonklou


  1. So so pretty Jo! I love your connectors on there! I thought perhaps they were a "Jorigingal" ;)

  2. Wow! That is a beautiful statement piece! I love the use of silk with your bubble connectors! super job!,

  3. Yep, I was right. When I saw your name next on my list, I knew it would be great. Don't you just love those "Beads of Passion" beads. I have some of her work too and it is gorgeous. Love how you tied it all together with the links and the silk. One of my favorites for sure. Great job!

  4. Hi Jo,
    I love your necklace. Even though you did not show the original design, I am glad you changed it to how it is now it is gorgeous. I love the bubble connectors.

  5. Wow, Jo - a wonderful necklace! I love your handmade sterling compontents. A lot of work, and they give your design a very special touch.
    Greetings, Michi

  6. I love it! Isn't it interesting how when we photograph something, we see it with different eyes? That's when I find all my mistakes!

    Your metal work is so wonderful, too.

  7. beautiful metal work and really like this design! it is feminine and exotic - just wonderful

  8. What a gorgeous piece! I love your bubble connectors, which work so well with the silk and the fabulous blue beads.

  9. A true statement piece!! Just STUNNING!!! All those bubbly circles and beautiful beads, GORGEOUS!!!

    Jo, thank you so much for participating in the crayon challenge!

  10. That is just amazing. I'm just in love with the whole necklace. I love your bubble connectors and had to pop over to the tutorial. :) I will be trying this soon.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I'm loving the bubble connectors. Really like how the necklace is a stunning statement piece that is still wearable. As in, I would totally wear it:-).

  12. Love it!. Your use of different materials works fabulously and your silver bubble connectors are very cool...I'm going to check them out.

  13. Just love it, Jo! Thanks for sharing the tutorial - I love the bubble connectors! I would never have though of using them as you did - however I love your end result, definitely makes a statement! In a gorgeous shade of blue :)

  14. Very pretty, and your bubble connectors are FABULOUS!!!

  15. This necklace is absolutely STUNNING! While I really like the shades of blue that you used, it's you bubble connectors that totally make this necklace SHINE! You blow me away! Fabulous, just fabulous. :)

  16. Love those bubble connectors!!! Beautiful!!!

  17. Glad you were able to make it in! I was a last minute addition as well. :)

    Great work, and I have to say I love your bubble connectors. They are so fun and different! As CraftyHope says, they truly do make the piece shine.

  18. This is gorgeous! I agree it looks better doubled up the way you did it. Definitely more powerful. And the color of the silk you chose for the back is just perfect. So pretty :)

  19. Beautiful with the bubble connectors and silk makes it seem to float! Very Pretty!

  20. Such a gorgeous necklace! I love those bubble connectors, and that lampwork is a perfect combination!

  21. Such beautiful beads and topped off with so unique bubbles....this is going to get you lots of compliments when you wear it!

  22. GORGEOUS! Love those bubble connectors, what a fantastic job!

  23. Loooooove the bubble connectors - and the necklace is stunning!

  24. Stunning necklace. Love the connectors and the silk combo. outstanding.

  25. Beautiful necklace, I LOVE the bubble connectors, thanks for including a tutorial!

  26. Stunning necklace! I am loving those bubble connectors...


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