Monday 14 May 2012

Home is where the heart is

Did you see the photo I put on my BTW post last Wednesday? BTW stands for Bead Table Wednesday, by the way :) In case you didn't see it, here's a quick reminder

I'd been pulling together beads to use in the Art Bead Scene challenge for this month that uses this picture by Maurice Utrillo as it's inspiration, and took a quick photo before I got started on the silver work. Well, this is what I ended up making.....

What's that? You don't see many of the beads I originally had piled up? Well, you see that's what usually happens when I'm making a new design, especially a one-off piece! However, one thing did remain from my original design  - the house clasp. I've had this design sketched out for months, and I knew that this was the perfect challenge for it. As always, I've made it so that the hook of the clasp is hidden underneath, so that the flow of the design is uninterrupted and which ever way the bracelet turns there's something lovely to look at.

The other pieces in the bracelet are a gorgeous lampwork bead by Mindy Macgregor, pretty ceramic beads in a lovely turquoisey blue from Bohulley (part of a great parcel of goodies that I had last week!), Czech firepolished beads, a Swarovski crystal and more silverwork by me. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted slightly as the clasp can hook onto any of the rings at the end of the bracelet.

And it's name? Well, with a house and a heart it just had to be "Home is where the heart is"! I am reopening my etsy jewellery shop at the end of the week, so this bracelet will be on there then.


  1. This is simply loveley! Your clasp is awesome! I love how you strung your beads on this piece! Really, really beautiful!

  2. what a fun and cute bracelet! that clasp is awesome! just love it!

  3. Completely love this, of course. That clasp is so clever!

  4. This is such a lovely bracelet, the house clasp is so clever!

  5. What a sweet piece! I love the clever clasp and all the colorful beads!

  6. That clasp is quite the star of the show, it's a beautiful design. Of course the combination of elements you have going on are no shrug either. I love the direction you took it


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