Friday 25 May 2012

Forgive me blog readers...

for I have sinned. It has been 9 days since I have blogged.

Heavens! Has it really been that long?! Time is not just flying by at the moment, it's in a jet plane breaking the sound barrier. I was going to call this post "What a week" but I've got a feeling that I've used that title at least a couple of times before. But it has been a crazy week! T's Dad came to visit, T had to have a couple of days of work with a bad back (very unusual for him, he never has sick days), Ben and a friend have been preparing for the school talent show next week (I taught them some magic tricks!), T's Mum and StepDad arrived for the weekend this afternoon - you get the picture! And Jamie started walking too. Only when he wants to, that is. After all, he can speed crawl everywhere a lot faster than he can walk! He's just this week seen the advantage of being able to see higher up as he moved around the house, which has meant that I've had to clear things away a lot better and Ben can now longer assume that if he leaves a lego model on the table that it is safe from his baby brother! I want to take some photos of him toddling about but that's proving rather difficult at the moment as he just doesn't want to stay still, so you may have to wait a while!

My work has been lovely and busy too. I think that the gorgeously sunny weather has got people thinking about new outfits and new jewellery to go with them, which is fine by me! It's getting to the stage that I need to wither clone myself or get a helper. Any takers? You have to love jewellery and beads, put up with me singing along to Radio 2 and be willing to be paid in malteasers and cuddes from Jamie. The picture above is of the parcels that I took up to the post office today, and there was double that amount yesterday, some etsy orders, some notonthehighstreet and a couple from my website too. I've worked out a system with our lovely local post office that I buy the main stamps I need from them in advance, collect customs labels and air mail labels from them too and do as much preparation as I can at home, usually in the evenings when everything is alot quieter. It makes everything so much quicker at the post office, which is very important as I usually have on if not both of the boys with me! I've sent parcels all over the world this week - everywhere from the Bronx, LA and Dallas to New South Wales, Hong Kong and Vancouver and back home again to Manchester, Cambridge and the Isle of Wight!

Right then, another quick post about some new designs (easier to keep them separate so I don't get muddled!) and then I'm off to catch up with some of the blog reading I've missed in the last nine days!

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