Wednesday 13 June 2012



Today has mainly been a day of making jewellery and clasps for orders, with a break for a trip to the dentist, so I treated myself to a bit of a play this afternoon and made another house clasp - and a bracelet to go with it! I've used the same layout as my Home Is Where The Heart Is bracelet (which went to a new home last week, thank you!), but brighter colours this time. Pink, purple and aqua aren't a mix of colours I've used much before, but they went perfectly with the lampwork disc by Outwest that you can see in the background, and I love how it's turned out! The aqua is amazonite, the purple is jade and the pink is Czech glass.

And I made a couple more houses too, and they'll be part of a Daisychain Extra shop update on Friday! The bracelet will be in my new jewellery etsy shop that I'm finally setting up over the weekend, unless someone claims it before then!


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