Saturday 16 June 2012


I woke up with a sore throat on Thursday morning and put it down to too many late nights - mainly late nights working rather than partying! By the boys bedtime, though, I had to crawl into bed with a temperature, the shivers and what felt like a golf ball stuck down my throat - yep, tonsilitis has come for a visit. It's something I've managed to avoid before, but I remember my Dad having it almost every summer holiday when my brother and I were little. As soon as he stopped work and we went away on holiday he'd be ill until, when I was about 7, I think, he eventually had his tonsils out. Now I know why he felt so awful! Anyway, I've been on antibiotics for just over 24 hours now and they are definitely helping, although it's taken me quite a while to type this!

So, that's why yesterday's planned Daisychain Extra shop update didn't happen! The new designs (some one-offs, some made-to-order) will be in the shop on Monday. I'll post on here when I'm done, but if you want a more speedy update pop over to Facebook and "like" my Daisychain page (click on the Facebook button on the left) as newly listed items automatically get listed on there.


  1. wishing you a speedy recovery, my son and his friends have gotten this in the past 2 weeks - lots of make up final exams at the high school because of it... let yourself rest...

  2. So sorry to hear you're not well. Get lots of rest, and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh poor you. Get well soon! Drink a lot of warm nice drinks with lemon and honey, that's what I like anyway. Take care!


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