Saturday 30 June 2012

Flower Bangle Challenge Blog Hop

Here it is! The blog hop for my third challenge! This time round I sent five designers one of my new copper flower bangles, keen to see what they could make with it. Thank you again all of you who entered your name in the draw to take part - I will definitely do a draw again next time (haven't decided what the challenge will be based on next time yet though!) as it seemed the fairest way of working it.

I made two hammered daisy bangles, two with line textured daisies and two with poppies, all oxidised copper. I kept one of the line textured ones for myself and sent the other five out to the people you can see listed a little further down. I kept it on my desk for weeks without really touching it, just moving different piles of beads next to it to see what took my fancy and glancing at it when I was working on other things. And then finally last Sunday I decided what I was going to do - and for once everything worked out exactly how I'd planned and it took me longer to take the photos than it did to actually decorate the bangle! So.... this is what I came up with.....

I gently opened up the hook that fastens around the loop behind the flower and threaded on some big hole beads - three beautifully soft etched lampwork spacer by Beads of Passion and a gorgeous copper patina ceramic heart bead by Starry Road Studio - I'd actually been saving the heart bead for a magazine project, but I guess that I'm just going to have to buy another one now!  In between them, and to stop the beads from sliding all the way down round the bracelet, I wrapped some peanut seed beads on 0.4mm copper wire before closing the hook up again. I decided to leave this wire bright and polished as a contrast to the oxidisation, although it will tarnish and darken over time.

I hope that you like it! This is one piece that I am keeping for me as it looks great with the cropped jeans and tshirts that I seem to spend half my life in during the summer. I'm tempted to make a couple more too, as I bet they'll look great stacked up!

Please do go and visit the other designers taking part in my challenge. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've made!

Sherri Stokey - Knot Just Macrame
Shannon Chomanczuk - For My SweetDaughter
Jenny - Shyme Design
Keri Lee Sereika - Pink Lemonade

And if you'd like a couple more ideas of what you could make with my flower bangles have a look out for the latest issue of Beads and Beyond magazine, and head back here on Tuesday for a project tutorial using them!


  1. Wonderful bangle! Love the color! Thank you so much for having this challenge! It has been much fun to work with your wonderful bangle blank!

  2. It's beautiful, dear Jo! At first view, I wondered how you threaded the beads on it.... All together it's a very harmonious combination!
    Greetings, Michi

  3. Very Cool and I absolutely love the look of
    oxidized wire and dasiy. The heart...I love hearts

  4. I love how those woven clusters serve to limit the movement on the bangle ... beautiful and functional! Just lovely!

  5. The way you used the peanut seed beads is so unique! I have never thought of it. Very nice!

  6. Beautiful Jo, thanks so much for having me play along I am sorry mine went up late but it is up now.
    I had fun!

  7. I love it. I really like your bangles and the way you used the peanut seed beads and the copper wire, leaving it bright for the contrast is especiallly pretty. Will have to watch for your next challenge and come back for the tutorial, too.

  8. I had so much fun participating! Yours looks beautiful in the muted colors with the big heart bead in the back :)

  9. I love this hop and everyone's different solutions. Your bangles are gorgeous. I will make sure to get my hands on one or two in a near future. I love what you did with yours Joanne. The seed bead cluster are sweet.

  10. So beautiful! I love seeing my little heart bead there!

  11. Thank you so much everyone! I had lots of fun with this challenge - it was a bit more of a challenge than the clasps and head pins that I've sent out before, but I'm so thrilled that we've each come up with such different designs! Starting to think about the next challenge now........:)

  12. OMG, Jo, yours is lovely! I love the mix of materials and the woven seed bead sections - very clever! Thank you again for the chance to participate!

  13. I have been loving peanut beads lately and I love what you did with them here. That heart bead is awesome and I agree it totally belongs on the bangle. I've been waiting to see what everyone did with this challenge. I love your bangles and I think it's awesome how everyone transformed them. :)


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