Saturday 9 June 2012

It is Saturday, isn't it?!

Yes, I'm sure it is - the date on my computer is telling me so, even though it definitely doesn't feel like it! What with a four day weekend to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the halfterm holiday, the boys' childminder being on holiday and T and Ben going on a camping trip for a few days I've lost all track of the days, as I've not really needed to know what day it is! It's a lovely feeling, actually. It's great not to have to get up early for the school run or to get the boys to the childminder, and, although I've missed my big boys, it's been nice not to be ferrying Ben about all over the place and to have a quieter (and tidier and cleaner!) house. Jamie and I have been playing in the garden on the decking that T finished before they went camping (rain allowing of course), emptying out and repacking the kitchen cupboards several times a day, having lots of cuddles and taking bread down to the ducks and swans in the park. Despite being busy out and about, though, I kept forgetting to take photos, so the ones above are some of the few I've got from the Jubilee weekend - fun times at a great street party down the road! It was a fantastic fun and relaxed party, a real community event, and it felt great to know more than half of the families there. Before Ben was born, this area of Southampton was really just where T and I happened to live, a convenient place for work. Having Ben changed that as it's really made us part of the community.

The only downside to this week is that the only work time I've had has been for a couple of hours during Jamie's afternoon nap and in the evenings, and thanks to my jewellery sale and a few deadlines I've had lots of lovely work to do. It's meant some very late nights, but strangely enough I still feel refreshed. I think at least some of that is because I have....drum roll please.....nearly finished my ebook! Macramé, Art Beads and Wire just needs two last photos added and a final proof read, and then it will be published on Monday. I am nervous and excited in equal measures! The book will be available from both my Daisychain Extra etsy shop and my jewellery website.

Right, my big boys will be back any minute now so I'm going to get prepared to do loads of washing and put a very tired but happy Ben to bed!

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