Thursday 21 June 2012

New etsy designs and a shop announcement

I've finally done the Daisychain Extra shop update that I promised last week! It's taken me a while longer than I expected to shake off this tonsillitis, but then again I've never had tonsillitis before now, so I didn't really know how it would hit me! It's virtually gone now though - thank God for antibiotics!

There are a few new made-to-order designs in this week's shop update, such as poppy ear wires to go with the head pins, charms, clasps and connector that I already have in that design. There are also a few Limited Edition designs - a couple of Lovebird clasps as the others flew off to new homes fairly quickly, and the Little House clasps that I showed you last week. And if you look below you'll be able to have a sneak peek at the new clasps I've been working on today to give myself a break from photo editing and magazine projects!

Can you tell that I've been playing around with the new features on Picmonkey?!

And I have a shop announcement too....

My Daisychain Extra shop will be in holiday mode from Sunday 1st July until the end of August as we are going on some family travels this summer. So if you need to stock up you need to get your orders in quickly please - click here to see what's new!


  1. Hi Jo,
    Glad to hear you're taking a break and well done on the update - despite tonsilitis!!

  2. Oh my God. Is that a bunny rabbit clasp in there???!!!

  3. Might be one or two bunnies in there!


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