Tuesday 12 February 2008


Well, what do you think? It's finally oxidised, polished and photographed, although the light wasn't fantastic this afternoon. It was lovely and sunny but by the time B was having his nap and I could get outside and photograph the sun was still in the garden but only on the back fence!

I also managed to take photos of the studs that I've finished so far. I'm really pleased with them and they will be on the website soon, probably as 'made to order' items.

I've been on a bit of a roll jewellery-wise over the last couple of days, so I'll have a couple more pictures to show you tomorrow.

And one last thing - one of the women who came to my workshop on Saturday (Lisa, but not the same Lisa as I mentioned in an earlier post!) was quite rightly showing off what she'd made - and has had lots of orders from her family and friends! How cool is that! Congratulations Lisa!


  1. Beautiful butterfly and I love your studs - fantastic!!

  2. Thank you! The studs are really fun to make. They're made from silver art clay.


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